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AVA Laboratory Intensive Skin Whitening Cream For face SPF 15 - 50ml
AVA Laboratory

AVA Laboratory Intensive Skin Whitening Cream For face SPF 15 - 50ml

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AVA Laboratory Intensive Skin Whitening Cream 
This amazing face cream rapidly provides a more radiant & brighter complexion.
For skin with uneven pigmentation – freckles, discolorations due to overexposure to sun, hormonal disorders and connected with ageing process.
Rapid complexion lightening,
Stops skin darkening,
Limits the overpigmentation process.
Decreases the skin discoloration.
Corrects Sun Damage
Protects the skin
Contains advanced sun filters
This cream provides delicate coverage to the skin, smoothes, moisturizes and gives broad protection from harmful external factors.
It contains the following active ingredients:
- Lumisphere™ - visual skin whitener, thyrozynase inhibitor which reduces the melanin level in the skin,
- Cucumber extract - supporting whitening activity,
- Sun filters SPF15 - protects skin from damage caused by UVA/UVB rays,
- Vitamine E - combats external radicals and energises skin restoration,
- Grape Seed Oil - effective antioxidant
- Shea butter - leaves skin soft, soothed and supple.
Lumisphere provides an immediate visible effect with a dramatic improvement of your complexion.
After just ten minutes application you should notice an even complexion with less visible spots. Luminosity and skin appearance, lines, pores and blemishes are improved and the yellow or red skin colour is brighter. 
Moreover, daily use of LUMISPHERE results in a significant reduction of the quantity of melanin in the skin leading to a clearer skin for 96% of the volunteers in a recent test after just 56 days. 

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